Changing older jewelry styles into something new and refreshing

This article is about changing older style jewelry into something more modern and current.  I have been very busy this summer coming up with new designs to take a client's existing jewelry and turning into something new and fresh.  This client had two rings. One was a box head style engagement ring, and the other was a cluster fashion ring.  She wanted to make a new halo style ring with a matching wedding band.  She also wanted it to be mostly yellow gold.

So, the first order of business was to design a two piece halo ring that her existing box head ring could be modified and fit into it.  Travis cut the box head until we had a circular setting.  I measured the circle.  Then I built a halo ring around it so that the circle setting with all of her original diamonds could be installed with our laser into the center of the ring.  The halo top needed to be 14kt white gold in order to compliment the original white gold setting from her original ring.  Then I made the band of the ring yellow gold with diamonds in the cathedral band.

Once we had this design, I then proceeded to make a matching wedding band.  The wedding band has the same size of diamonds as the halo ring, and it is the same width.  The diamonds start and end in the exact same spot as they do on the engagement ring.  The diamonds for the wedding band came from her white gold cluster ring pictured with her original box head ring.  The final design was really fresh and made her original box head setting look twice as big as well as changing it to circle.

The photographs with this article show first her original two rings before we began work.  Then you see a couple of pictures of the new halo ring and then the matching wedding band.  You can see the progression from the original rings to the new set of rings.

If you have jewelry that you would like redesigned please contact me at or call 276-676-3110.  I would be happy to discuss with you how we can freshen up your jewelry into something new.

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