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One of our specialities is re-designing an older piece of jewelry into something new.  I had a client recently come into the store with this yellow gold diamond cluster ring.  The ring was given to her by a family member a few years ago, and she did not like the styling.  She wanted the ring lower and in white gold.  There are six different sizes of diamonds in this ring.

So, the first thing I did was remove the diamonds from the original ring and measure them each with a digital micrometer.  Once I had the diamonds divided into sizes, I then began to think about designing a ring that was low to the hand and more modern in styling.  I chose an east/west design with the diamonds set into the ring.  Years ago before computer aided design, we would make a flat plate and then drill the plate with a drill for each diamond.  It worked, but you could never get all of the diamonds perfectly aligned all of the way across.  With computer aided design, I could make a map of where each diamond went.  The mounting is exactly the right size for each diamond, and all of the diamonds fit nearly perfectly.  One of the images in this blog shows the diamond layout chart.

After I have the ring layout, it then is a matter of fine tuning the width of the ring as well as the thickness.  Then I made a resin model and showed it to the customer for her approval.  Then it was on to the caster and our setter.  The completed 14kt white gold ring turned out great.  The customer loved it, and it is something that she can now wear everyday.

If you have a ring or even multiple pieces of jewelry that you would like to make into something new call me at 276-676-3110 or email me at  It is much more affordable than you may realize.

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