Restyling a bridal set from yellow gold to white gold

I have had a lot of remounting and restyling work to do this spring.  One project that we just completed was a total make over of a bridal set.  The original set was yellow gold with a marquise diamond center.  The set had a combination of baguette and round diamonds.  I was tasked with coming up with a design that was updated, and she wanted two matching wedding bands to go with the engagement ring. 

So, my first order of business was to meet with her and see what she likes and how we can incorporate those desires into a new 3 ring bridal set.  She likes a halo, so I knew that the marquise diamond was going into the center with a halo around it.  She wanted the band of all three rings to fluctuate in width, following the outline of the diamonds.  We also decided to bezel set the round and baguette diamods in the bands of all three rings.  One last touch was to add antique style millgrain around all of the diamonds in the band and the halo.

After I made all of my notes, I began drawing up what I wanted to maker for her.  After I had a mock-up of my idea, I showed it to her for her approval.  She loved the prototypes.  The next step was to remove all of the diamonds from the original set that I needed to use.  Each diamond was then measured and sorted very carefully.  Then the models were modified to match the meaurements of each diamond.  After I had made the changes, I made new models of all three rings to make certain that everything was going to fit. 

The next step was getting the rings into casting.  The castings were then filed, tumbled, and processed through magnetic media to smooth and shine it.  Then everything was set up with the marquise diamond being the last one to be placed into the ring.  The finished set was a big update from her yellow gold bar set design. 

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