A ring to surprise your teenage daughter!

I was commissioned this summer to make a custom ring for a client to celebrate both her 18th birthday as well as serving as her classring.  She had found a pearl years ago and had saved it.  Her parents thought that it would be a great idea to use this pearl in the ring to surprise her.  We decided to go with rose gold for the ring and custom make a white gold pearl cup that would fit the pearl.  The pearl that she had found was not drilled, so we decided that we needed prongs to hold it.

So, the design was in motion.  I designed the ring with a tapered band and made a cutout in it for the pearl cup to fit into place.  The pearl cup has a post on the bottom which fit into a hole in the band.  This allowed for a precise fit that was centered in the ring. 

Next came the engraving.  They decided to laser engrave on the inside of the ring her name and Class of 2017.  By using a laser, the engraving is crisp and easier to read.  We decided to keep the ring solid, which added some weight but made the ring very durable.

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