Updating an engagement ring

Recently I had the pleasure of re-designing a friend's engagement ring.  I had originally sold the ring years ago.  It has a pear shaped diamond in the center and it had a wrap enhancer which had two marquise diamonds, one on each side of the pear.  Over the years the ring became worn and one of the marquise diamonds came out of the wrap a couple of months ago.

So, my friend decided to upgrade the ring for his wife.  He wanted a baguette diamond on each side of the pear shape diamond.  She wanted the ring to be mostly yellow gold.  I recommended that we set the diamonds in white gold which meant the ring had to be designed in four individual pieces.  The settings for the pear diamond and the two baguette diamonds would be cast in white gold and the band of the ring would be a European shank cast in yellow gold.  I made a cutout in the band of the ring for the white gold settings that hold the baguettes to inlay.  This kept everything lower in the ring and allowed the baguette diamonds to really sparkle. 

The pictures show the original ring, then the design file with the four individual pieces, and then finally the finished new design just before he gave it to her.

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