I have a client whose husband is deceased.  She wanted to make a pendant that would showcase his wedding band.  She wanted a heart pendant made in sterling silver.  I immediately began taking measurements of the band and drawing the heart to scale so that we could see just how large it needed to be.  Once we had the size, I designed the heart using computer aided design, and I used our 3D printer to make a resin model of it.  That way we could see how it fit up with the wedding band.

The fit was excellent, so we put the heart into casting.  After casting, Travis began the finishing process.  We made a custom wire hanger out of yellow gold for the wedding band to dangle in the center of the heart.  The client is going to wear the pendant on an omega necklace.  So, we handmade the bail for the omega to fit through comfortably.

The finished product is a wonderful memorial to her husband and the life that they shared together.  If you have jewelry that has great sentimental value such as this wedding band and would like to discuss what you can do with it to keep the memories alive please contact me at 276-676-3110 or mark@goodmanjewelers.biz.  I will be writing another article soon regarding another necklace that we made using two wedding bands, one from a Grandmother and one from a Grandfather.