One of the fun things about being a custom jeweler is that I get to make a lot of different types of jewelry. Your mass merchants tend to work in only the best sellers at that time or whatever they advertise on television this month. Here, we get to make jewelry that expresses the style and tastes of the person wearing it! Creativity and individualism is more important in custom jewelry and gives the client their own unique look.

This article is about just such a unique piece. I have had the pleasure of being the jeweler for this family for over 20 years. This ring belongs to the daughter of this family, so I am now making jewelry for the second generation of this family. This ring is a complete hand made custom ring featuring a rose cut diamond which is set into a bezel. The rose cut is one of the oldest styles of cutting, dating back to the middle of the 16th century. For some reason, it is not well known among today’s jewelry buyers. The general public usually only gets to see the standard round brilliant or princess cut diamond, but I thought that it would be interesting to share this style of ring as well as the cut of the diamond.

First, rose cut diamonds are not easy to find. There are a few cutters that cut them along with briolettes and rustic cut diamonds. I have one cutter in New York and on cutter in Los Angeles that cut rose cut diamonds. Last year I found a 24.50 carat rose cut black diamond for a client that we made into a fashion ring. This white rose cut diamond came from my cutter in Los Angeles. We turned down 6 rose cut diamonds before finding this one. Many rose cut diamonds are cut too thin to be worn in a ring, or they have way too thin of a setting edge. That is why you will want a professional helping you to pick a rose cut diamond, or for that matter a rustic cut as well as slices. They are cut for different types of jewelry. Some work better in earrings or pendants while some like this one make a gorgeous ring.

Rose cuts have many facets on one side and more of a flat table on the other side. They are not nearly as deep as most modern cuts, therefore they can set very low to the finger. I am doing more bezel settings now than ever before. I really like bezel set rings as they allow you to lower the gemstone down some as well as giving you a lot of creative looks. This design put the ring low to the hand but opened up the side of the bezel to allow light through. This lightened up the diamond, and as you can see, gives it a bright appearance. The side diamonds are 17 facet single cut diamonds. These blend very well with the rose cut center.

I invite you to contact me with any question that you may have concerning rose cut diamonds, bezel settngs, or anything else regarding jewelry. We love making custom jewelry. Many of the engagement and wedding bands on display in my showcases are custom designed an exclusive to us. I work in white, yellow, rose gold as well as platinum and palladium. You can email me at or you can call me at 276-676-3110.