We have several new custom ring designs that we have finished for clients. The one above is a new custom designed three diamond ring. The client had the original .65ct round diamond which we set into the center of this ring. We then matched and added the two 1/2 carat round diamonds to the sides. The three diamonds are set into a 14kt white gold setting trim. We choose octagon shapes to make a different look to the ring but we kept the edges smooth and not sharp. The client’s last name initial, M, is built into the side of the ring right below her original center diamond. The band of the ring is a Euro-shank design. This design keeps the ring upright on the finger by placing more weight to the bottom of the ring. It also follows the actual shape of the finger better than a standard round band ring. The small round accent diamonds are from the client’s original ring wrap. The ring has a total weight of 1.78 carat. This is a completely different look from her original four prong solitaire ring.